9-Year-Old RAGBRAI Rider Raises Funds for Charity on GoFundMe

Redwood City, Calif. / July 19, 2016 -- GoFundMe is pleased to highlight the campaign of Alex Dailey, a nine-year-old from the Cayman Islands who is raising money for three charities on the occasion of his RAGBRAI ride. Along with his father and one other rider, Alex is rallying support for the Cayman Islands Cancer Society, which supports local cancer patients; Cayman Hospice Care, which provides end-of-life hospice support; and One Dog At A Time, a local Cayman animal rescue group that saves stray dogs.

On their campaign page, Alex’s father writes, “I am hoping that not only will we raise money for the charities but also that Alex will learn a valuable lesson that even personal activities can be used to raise money to support others in need.  Over the years he and his twin sister Sarah have asked birthday attendees to donate to a cause instead of bringing them gifts and have held bakes sales for local charities.  This ride is one more way we are hoping to teach the kids to give back to those in need.”

He adds, “I chose GoFundMe because it makes it easy for donors living anywhere in the world to give. We live on an island, which makes it is difficult and expensive to send funds directly. Now, with GoFundMe, we have a simple way for friends, family, and supporters from around the globe to donate, and we can easily distribute the funds to our worthy charities.”

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