Ground Breaking In Iowa: After Raising Over $2,000 on GoFundMe, Amos Hiatt Middle School Builds Outdoor Classroom

August 11, 2016 -- In May, Amos Hiatt Middle School staff member Jacob Burke started a GoFundMe campaign to build an outdoor classroom and lunch area in the courtyard on campus.

In just a few months, the GoFundMe Community has donated $2,000 and Amos Hiatt High School has broken ground on their outdoor classroom.

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“This area would mean so much to our students and teachers. Our school works with students who are often times going through tremendous hardships in their lives. An outdoor area would give our teachers another tool to help ease some of the stress these students experience and give them an opportunity feel safe in a beautiful area,” said GoFundMe campaign organizer Jacob Burke. “Thank you so much for your generosity.”

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They’re hard at work getting the outdoor classroom ready for the start of the school year, and Jacob can’t wait for the kids to see their new addition in the courtyard.

“Thank you for the support! The students and teachers should get to start using it on the first day back to school! Can't wait to see the kids faces,” said Burke.

This campaign is one of many in the Des Moines Metro Area, the largest GoFundMe community in Iowa. Des Moines residents have created over 3,500 GoFundMe campaigns, raising over $3.59 million from over 56,000 donations. Across the state, Iowans have started over 15,000 GoFundMe campaigns, raising $13.1 million from nearly 215,000 total donations.


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