Trending on GoFundMe: High School Senior Raising Money for Oboe and to Attend Music Conservatory

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., August 16, 2016 – Mekhi Gladden taught himself how to play oboe in sixth grade and recently launched a GoFundMe Campaign to purchase his own instrument and to help with the expense of applying to several music conservatories and universities to further his education. Gladden, an Atlanta, Georgia native, currently plays with the Atlanta Symphony as part of their Talent Development Program (TDP). He began playing oboe in sixth grade and was self-taught until he joined TDP during his sophomore year of high school.

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Under the guidance of a full time member of Atlanta’s Symphony, Gladden has grown to be an accomplished oboe player, while using an instrument that was provided to him by his school. Gladden’s father lost his job several years ago and their family of five has been supported by their mother’s job as a teacher ever since. Funds from the GoFundMe campaign will go to further his education and allow him to purchase a high quality instrument of his own.

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