New on GoFundMe: Homeless St. Paul Mother to See Her Son Compete in Rio

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., August 15, 2016 -- On August 12, Dana Nelson, a pastor in Roseville, MN, created a GoFundMe campaign to help her congregant Florence Matadi travel to Rio to watch her son compete in the Olympics.

In 2013, Florence lost her home in St. Paul due to an electrical fire and has been homeless since. It was her dream to see her son’s first Olympic race, but she didn’t have the funds to make it a reality. With only a day to spare, Florence’s pastor started the campaign and donations started pouring in within hours. More than 100 people gave over $7,000 to the campaign in just three days, proving that “Minnesota Nice” is still alive and well. Florence is currently in Rio, awaiting her son’s 200 meter dash tomorrow.

To view the campaign, click here.

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The campaign is still accepting donations, and funds not spent on her trip to Rio will be used toward getting the Matadi family a new home.

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