6-Year-Old Fighting Rare Disease Gets Treatment Thanks to GoFundMe Community Donating $2 Million

Redwood City, CA –  This week, Glenn O’Neill, the organizer of one of GoFundMe’s largest campaigns, released some incredible news - his daughter, Eliza, was able to start treatments for the rare, debilitating disease she suffers from called Sanfilippo Syndrome.  This new clinical trial was made possible by the incredible $2M raised from over 36,000 donations that came into their campaign over the course of two years.

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Eliza is the first child in the world to receive this new gene therapy trial for Sanfilippo Syndrome.  In order to ensure that she would be eligible to receive it, the O’Neill family kept themselves in a quarantine for 726 days, not wanting to risk any chance of Eliza catching a virus that could disqualify her.  

Despite the fact that Eliza has finally started treatments, the O’Neill family continues to raise funds for their foundation so that more children suffering from Sanfilippo can begin the treatment as soon as possible.  Today, they released a new video on their campaign and are urging viewers to share and donate.  They hope to raise another $2M, to give as many children as possible a chance at life.

“Many more children are still fighting, and we won’t stop until every last one of them is afforded a chance at life,” said Glenn O’Neill, Eliza’s father. “There are more children that need this treatment than there are available spots in clinical trials, and these precious little ones can’t wait. Money doesn’t make the world go round, but it does bring medical treatments faster to children who are dying. We are witnessing a miracle, and together again, we can make many more miracles happen for these beautiful little children.”

“Saving Eliza” Campaign:

October 2013 - Glenn O’Neill creates the GoFundMe campaign to save his daughter

April 2014 - Filmmaker Benjamin Von Wong releases “Saving Eliza” video, campaign goes viral

May 2014 - O’Neill family goes into self-quarantine

July 2014 - “Saving Eliza” hits $1M raised

November 2015 - Eliza turns 6 years old

February 2016 - “Saving Eliza” hits $2M raised

May 2016 - Eliza begins treatment

August 2016 - “Saving Eliza” launches new video in hopes of raising another $2M to give as many Sanfilippo sufferers as possible a chance at life

To learn more, please visit the GoFundMe campaign.

To view and embed the new video, please click here.


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