Trending on GoFundMe: Charleston Community Rallies Around Local Journalist to Upgrade His Video Equipment

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., August 23, 2016 – Residents in Charleston, South Carolina are raising money to support a local video journalist, Quintin Washington. Washington is not a typical journalist. Not affiliated with any news organization, he has conducted over 450 interviews of prominent Charlestonians using a small portable camera. His interviews are frequently covered by papers throughout the region.

Washington was recently profiled in a Charleston City Paper story, and after the story ran, community member Sydney Brant started a GoFundMe campaign on his behalf so that he could upgrade his equipment. In just two weeks, the campaign raised $3,050, over twice the original $1,500 goal.

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In her campaign description, Brant writes: “Quinton Washington is the most passionate journalist in The Lowcountry… and he's not employed by a news station, newspaper, or radio station. He spends his free time creating stories to share with all of us for nothing in return… Quinton uses a modest camera and tripod and edits his stories at the local library. If you have been ever met him, you would know that Quinton is pure sunshine to those around him. Let's give a little sunshine back to him and help support his passion by getting him a new and improved camera. He is a hard worker, very humble, and even more deserving.”

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