Trending on GoFundMe: Kevin Upshur Turns Bar into Learning Center for Philadelphia Youth

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., September 12, 2016 – Kevin Upshur, founder of the Strawberry Mansion Learning Center, is raising money to expand his youth center in North Philadelphia. Upshur’s center provides a library, computers, healthy meals, and after school activities for young men and women in the Strawberry Mansion community. The center, however, is small and in need of renovations. Upshur started a GoFundMe campaign and hopes to raise $20,000 to provide more space for his young people to keep learning.  

In 2008, after his mother passed away, Upshur turned the family bar into a youth center for the neighborhood. Upshur said recently that his mother told him, “You’ve got to do something in the community… you’ve got to give back and you’ve got to help stop some of the violence by having a place where young people can come and learn.”

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Strawberry Mansion High School, several blocks from his center, has a 41% graduation rate. Unemployment in the community is high, with 13.3% of residents looking for work.

A longtime social worker, Upshur has helped hundreds of youth both before and after he opened his facility. He is proud that he has been able to able to provide a safe space after school for young people to learn, eat healthy food, and engage with one another. The center is free for all who attend, and Upshur has been able to provide food, a library, and computers since its founding 8 years ago through private donations.

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