Trending on GoFundMe: Retired NYC Teacher Raises Money for Prosthetic Legs for Adopted Son

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., August 31, 2016 – Sixteen year old Christian Calamuci, born in South Africa, was adopted by retired New York City School teacher Laura Calamuci ten years ago. Born with leg deformities, Christian has used a wheelchair most of his life. In July, Christian underwent a double leg amputation so that he could be fitted with prosthetic legs. Laura’s health insurance only covers the cost of one microprocessor prosthetic leg, so she created a GoFundMe campaign for the additional expenses to help Christian walk. The campaign has already raised over $10,000.

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In a campaign update, Laurie recently wrote, “Exactly 6 weeks after successful above knee bilateral amputations, Christian is standing for the first time. He literally went from 4'5" to 5'7" in under 5 seconds. These legs are very, very basic and require all kinds of bells and whistles to bend the knee… Your generosity, thoughtfulness, support and prayers have helped us raise not only the funds needed for microprocessor or BIONIC knees, but you have lifted up our spirits and have shown us that there are good people in this world.”  

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