Trending on GoFundMe: Family of Conjoined Twins Pays It Forward, $84k Raised for Ice Cream Vendor’s Retirement After Robbery, WWII Veteran and Aircraft Are Reunited, and More

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GoFundMe Celebrates $3 Billion Raised

Our giving community of more than 25 million donors has now raised more than $3 billion, and we marked this milestone with blog post by our CEO, Rob Solomon. Read more:

$271,599 raised by 4,723 people in 12 months

Charleston, IL

The McDonald family has captured hearts and headlines with their conjoined twins’ recent surgery. After raising nearly $300k for the medical care of their twins—who were joined at the head before last week’s miraculous surgery—the McDonalds decided to pay it forward by telling their supporters to donate to Johnny Daniel’s Kidney Fund. Campaign organizer Ashley Benson writes: “Words can not express the amount of gratitude I feel today towards The McDonald Family for what they have done today for my family.”

$84,630 raised by 3,408 people in 5 days

Reseda, CA

Like Fidencio the Paleta Man, David Juan Martinez is a hardworking ice cream vendor. This 70-year-old grandfather of seven suffered a terrible setback when he was robbed and assaulted when walking home from work. Campaign organizer Laura Rodriguez wants to help David retire, and in just 5 days over $84k has been raised.

$28,100 raised by 83 people in 1 month

Columbia, MO

Campaign organizer Michele Spry was researching her second children’s book when she discovered that Lt. Col. Ferrill A. Purdy’s unique combat airplane—an F4U-1 Corsair—is now a part of the collection at Planes of Fame Air Museum in Chino, California and is currently the oldest airworthy Corsair in the world. She then successfully raised $28k to bring the aircraft to Columbia, MO to reunite Lt. Col. Purdy with the airplane he flew over 72 years ago.

$17,851 raised by 291 people in 20 days

Scotts, MI

Hannah is a new kindergartner at Tobey Elementary who has a form of cerebral palsy called spastic diplegia which affects her lower limbs. Because she needs leg braces and a walker, Hannah can’t play on typical playground equipment—but the fifth graders at her school want to change that. So far, they’ve raised $17k to buy inclusive playground equipment that children of all abilities can enjoy.

$1,410 raised by 34 people in 11 days

Berkeley, CA

Matt and Sepehr are second-year mechanical engineering students at UC Berkeley, and they are setting out to create an innovative, affordable and beautiful electric skateboard. They’ve turned to GoFundMe to fundraise for their first design iteration. Donations will go towards material, equipment, and development costs for the build.


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