Trending on GoFundMe: Neighbor Helps Homeless Family, Photographer Saves Blind Cats, & More

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Last week, GoFundMe announced the ten winners of its first-ever scholarship contest. The GoFundMe scholarship winners come from different backgrounds and have unique life goals, but all have been determined to get an education despite challenges, including Emettra, a single mother who went back to school, and Alan, who went from a life of gang violence to college dean’s list. Read more about their incredible stories here.

$8,125 raised by 125 people in 5 days

Seattle, WA

When Shannon Lyons found out that a family of four was camping on the side of the road near her homeless, she took immediate action. She brought food and clothing to the family: Teresa and Dave, who is disabled and uses a wheelchair, and their kids Jo and Betty. But Shannon didn’t stop there—she’s raised over $8k in less than a week and is hard at work finding permanent shelter for this family while they stay in a hotel.

$8,000 raised by 152 people in 5 days

Valley Village, CA

Mike Schmidt, host of the comedy podcast “The 40-Year-Old Boy,” started this campaign for his producer Lili VonSchtupp when she found herself in the ER and then in need of emergency eye surgery. Their community rushed to support Lili and raised $8,000 in just 5 days to help Lili during the significant recovery period.

$830 raised by 19 people in 20 hours

Bremerton, WA

After starting this campaign to buy “blessings bags” filled with toiletries and other necessities for women escaping domestic violence, Kendall Ventura exceeded her campaign goal twice in less than 24 hours. October is Domestic Violence Awareness month, and Kendall wanted to honor the memory of her murdered sister with this campaign.

$1,195 raised by 18 people in 2 days

Santa Monica, CA

For his Bar Mitzvah project, Mieke ter Poorten is collecting unused musical instruments to donate to the Compton School District. Mieke is hoping to give the kids in Compton, 98% of whom receive a free school lunch, the same opportunities other kids have to learn an instrument and express themselves through music.

$8,638 raised by 342 people in 9 days

Los Angeles, CA

Casey Christopher is a cat photographer who recently completed a series called “The Beauty of Blind Cats.” She shed light on the case of Sir Thomas Trueheart, a one-eyed cat who’s truly overcome the odds by surviving terrible abuse. Proceeds from the campaign go to Thomas’s care and Milo's Sanctuary & Special Needs Cat Rescue, a nonprofit.


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