Sacred Stone GoFundMe Campaign Raises Over $1 Million, 4th Largest Campaign on Platform

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., October 29, 2016 -- Today, the GoFundMe campaign to support the Sacred Stone Camp in its protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline has passed the $1 million mark. The campaign was started in April of this year and has gained steady support in the past 6 months. With donations coming from all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Washington, DC, and 60 countries, this campaign is the 4th largest GoFundMe campaign ever.

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"GoFundMe makes it easy for communities to come together to fundraise for causes they deeply care about.” said CEO Rob Solomon “Over the past six months, this campaign has received growing support, with nearly 20,000 people donating over $1 million so far to help this important cause.”

Including the Sacred Stone campaign, there has been over $1.2 million raised by 89 campaigns on the GoFundMe platform to support the efforts of peaceful protests.

Sacred Stone Campaign Fast Facts

Total raised: $1,010,442

Total donors: 19,742

Total states that have donated: All 50 + DC & Puerto Rico

Number of countries donors have come from: 60

Largest donation: $10,000

Smallest donation: $5

Average donation: $51

Total shares: 123k

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