Saving Eliza Update: For Eliza’s 7th Birthday, GoFundMe Campaign Aims to Raise $300,000 in 10 Days for Children with Sanfilippo Syndrome

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. | November 7, 2016 -- The organizers of GoFundMe’s third largest campaign are aiming to raise $300,000 in ten days to help children with Sanfilippo Syndrome. From Sunday, November 6 through Wednesday, November 16, the Glenn and Cara O'Neill of Saving Eliza are fundraising in honor of Eliza’s birthday. Sanfilippo is a genetic disorder impacting 1 out of 70,000 children that causes weakness, slowed development, and a lowered life expectancy.

Glenn and Cara O’Neill started a GoFundMe campaign in 2013 to help fund a clinical trial so their daughter Eliza might have a chance at treatment. They raised over $2 million, and after 726 days in self-imposed quarantine, Eliza finally began her treatment in August of 2016.

The O’Neills were speechless at the outpouring of support for their daughter. Now, in honor of her 7th birthday, they hope to raise $300,000 in ten days, from November 6 to November 16, to help other children with Sanfilippo.

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“For Sanfilippo parents, the truth is that without a treatment, birthdays are terribly difficult reminders of what is to come,” wrote Glenn O’Neill. “Watching your child go backward and lose more and more skills each year is unbearable. It is like taking candles off the cake each year as your child slips away.”

The O'Neills are optimistic that the money they raise will give much-needed relief and hope to other Sanfilippo families. They’ve said that if 4,000 donors each give $77, they will be able to reach their goal and start making a difference for others in their same situation. Help spread the word with #Give77

“Saving Eliza” Timeline:

October 2013: Glenn O’Neill creates the GoFundMe campaign to save his daughter

April 2014: Filmmaker Benjamin Von Wong releases “Saving Eliza” video, campaign goes viral

May 2014: O’Neill family goes into self-quarantine

July 2014: “Saving Eliza” hits $1M raised

November 2015: Eliza turns 6 years old

February 2016: “Saving Eliza” hits $2M raised

May 2016: Eliza begins treatment

August 2016: “Saving Eliza” launches new video in hopes of raising another $2M to give as many Sanfilippo sufferers as possible a chance at life

NEW: November 6 - November 10, 2016: New GoFundMe campaign for children with Sanfilippo for Eliza’s birthday

To learn more about the Cure Sanfilippo Foundation, click here.

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