GoFundMe Community Comes Together to Support Vets this Veterans Day

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., November 11, 2016-- This Veterans Day people are turning to GoFundMe to create and donate to campaigns supporting the heroes who have served the United States over the years.

Thousands of people have contributed to GoFundMe campaigns that support veterans in a wide range of ways, including: a teen who aspires to interview all living WWII vets; a local project that improving access to healthier food for vets; as well as multiple campaigns around affordable housing, and training service and therapy animals, to help aid these service members.

Here are a few GoFundMe campaigns supporting veteran causes:

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$3,915 raised

Agoura Hills, CA

18 year old Rishi Sharma, founder of Heroes of the Second World War, has set out to meet and interview the surviving men who proudly served in WWll in an effort to capture and preserve the knowledge, wisdom and memories they hold from the war. Seeking to interview one veteran a day, Rishi is raising money to cover the costs of the project in hopes of collecting as many interviews as possible.

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$8,767 raised

Madison, WI

Veggies for Vets is a local project that brings high quality, organic, locally grown produce to veterans and their families. Powered by veteran volunteers, the program is helping to educate vets on the health benefits of eating organic, local and fresh foods. The program hopes to lighten the load for families on fixed incomes as it brings produce to their homes.

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$3,277 raised

Portsmouth, VA

Hampton Roads Hounds for Heroes program provides specially trained rescue dogs, chosen from local shelters and trained for emotional therapy and companionship, to veterans suffering from PTSD or an equally debilitating psychiatric injury that may be prohibiting them from leading a full and meaningful life.

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$24,165 raised

Franklinville, NJ

Created by Amazing Grace Ministries, Operation Safe Haven aims to build 60+ micro housing units for veterans suffering from PTSD on a 277-acre plot of land in NJ, allowing veterans a safe place in a quiet, serene environment while getting the help they need to adapt and overcome.  

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