GoFundMe Buffalo: Buffalo Community Creates Over 7,600 GoFundMe Campaigns, Raise over $8.6 Million

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. | November 16, 2016 — GoFundMe, the world’s largest fundraising platform, today released new data highlighting the giving community in Buffalo, New York. People in the Buffalo area have started over 7,600 GoFundMe campaigns, raising over $8.6 million from over 140,000 total donations.

“Whether it’s a young entrepreneur, a teacher raising money for student activities, or a member of the community who has fallen on tough times, people in Buffalo always step up to help. Hundreds of thousands of folks have donated to thousands of GoFundMe campaigns to generously help their friends, family, and local communities during times of need,” said GoFundMe CEO Rob Solomon.

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Buffalo - North Tonawanda - GoFundMe Giving Fast Facts

  • In total, campaigns located in the Buffalo - North Tonawanda metro area have raised over $8.6  million.
  • This region has created over 7,600 GoFundMe campaigns.
  • The average donation is $60.
  • In 2016, over 2,800 GoFundMe campaigns have raised over $3.7 million from 60,000 donations in this region.
  • In 2015, over 3,300 GoFundMe campaigns raised $3.2 million from over 56,000 donations in this area.  

Circle the Wagons for Darryl Talley

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Darryl Talley played linebacker for 12 seasons for the Buffalo Bills, starting in 1983. Selected to the Pro-Bowl twice, Talley made over 1,100 tackles, which remains a franchise record. The years of playing football were hard on Talley’s body, and he currently suffers from depression. In 2014, an avid Bills fan named Frank Croisdale learned of Talley’s condition and set up a GoFundMe campaign to help Talley and his wife deal with their medical expenses. In less than a week, Bills fans from across the country helped raise over $150,000 for Talley, making this campaign is one of the largest fundraisers in the region so far.

Help Firefighter Ken Walker

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In early August of this year, a fire destroyed the home of Ken Walker, a firefighter from North Tonawanda. Even though they had never met, fellow firefighter Shawn Moynihan set up a GoFundMe campaign to show support for Ken Walker and help him get back on his feet. His story drew national attention and nearly 4,000 people helped raise $150,000 for Walker and his family.  

Buffalo Supports WWII Vet - Hodges

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Last summer, World War II veteran Johnnie Hodges, Sr. was evicted from the home that he and his wife had shared for over 60 years. Greg Elwood of Williamsville, New York, read about Hodges’s eviction in a local paper and was inspired to set up a GoFundMe campaign to help Hodges get his home back. Over 2,000 people helped raise $110,000, enough for Hodges and his daughter, Robin, to repurchase his home.

About GoFundMe

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