Trending on GoFundMe: Giving Tuesday

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Happy Giving Tuesday!

At GoFundMe, we’re celebrating the biggest giving day of the year by thanking those who give back. We’ll be awarding $1,000 donations to over 100 campaigns throughout the day. Get inspired to give or start a GoFundMe by visiting this page:

New York, NY

“Pretty Little Liars” star Ashley Benson launched a GoFundMe on Giving Tuesday to benefit the Wags & Walks animal rescue nonprofit based in LA. Thanks to a new partnership with PayPal Giving Fund, users can now raise money on GoFundMe for over a million charities. Ashley Benson is leading by example and is encouraging her fan base to donate and to start GoFundMes of their own.

Santa Barbara, CA

Tapping in the support of her 10+ million subscribers, Colleen Ballinger celebrated her birthday by starting a GoFundMe to raise money to fight childhood cancer. After a livestream on YouTube on November 27, Colleen exceeded the $40k she raised last year, and donations are still pouring in.

Los Angeles, CA

Over the last four years, Chris Salvatore developed an unlikely but very deep friendship with his elderly neighbor, Norma, by taking the time to get to know her. She’s been facing mounting health issues, and Chris wanted to fulfil her last wish: to receive professional, in-home care so she can enjoy her final days in peace in her own home. In less than a week, Chris raised enough money to do just that.

Chicago, IL

After three girls—Destiny (age 7), Derricka (2), and Errika(1)—were discovered abandoned and living in squalor by Chicago police, their grandmother Delores Anderson quit her two jobs to care for the girls full-time. Chicago police officer Charles Artz started the GoFundMe to help Ms. Anderson provide for the girls after their horrible ordeal.

Wilmington, DE

Last year, Rocco Malin got into a Santa costume, hopped on his motorcycle, and gave away presents to unsuspecting but delighted kids from Wilmington to Newark. Determined not to run out of presents like last year, Rocco is getting an early start by starting a GoFundMe to buy as many presents as possible in anticipation of Santa’s Christmas motorcyle ride.

Nashville, TN

For the second year running, Nashville resident Kate Parrish has started a GoFundMe to raise money to buy pads and tampons for local homeless women who may not otherwise have access to sanitary supplies. She’s aiming to exceed the amount raised last year and provide over 2,000 boxes of pads and tampons to women in need.


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