GoFundMe Pennsylvania: Keystone State Creates Over 89,000 GoFundMe Campaigns, Raises Over $89 Million

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. | December 6, 2016 — GoFundMe, the world’s largest social fundraising platform, today released new data highlighting the giving community in Pennsylvania. Throughout the Keystone State, people have started 89,000 GoFundMe campaigns, raising more than $89 million from 1.4 million total donations.

The Philadelphia metro area has created 33,000 GoFundMe campaigns, raising $37 million from 586,000 donations.

The Pittsburgh metro area has created 17,000 GoFundMe campaigns, raising $17.4 million from 280,000 donations.

“Whether it’s a young entrepreneur, a teacher raising money for student activities, or a member of the community who has fallen on tough times, people in Pennsylvania always step up to help. Millions of people have donated to thousands of GoFundMe campaigns to generously help their friends, family, and local communities during times of need,” said GoFundMe CEO Rob Solomon.

Philadelphia - GoFundMe Giving Fast Facts

  • In total, campaigns located in the Philadelphia area have raised $37 million.
  • This region has created over 33,000 GoFundMe campaigns.
  • The average donation is $63.
  • In 2016, over 12,000 GoFundMe campaigns have raised over $15.2 million from 230,000 donations in this region.
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Pittsburgh  - GoFundMe Giving Fast Facts

  • In total, campaigns located in the Pittsburgh area have raised over $17.4 million.
  • This region has created over 17,000 GoFundMe campaigns.
  • The average donation is $62.
  • In 2016, over 6,600 GoFundMe campaigns have raised over $7 million from 110,000 donations in this region.
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Jon Bon Jovi, his wife Dorothea, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the entire Philadelphia community pitched in to help repair a crack in Ben Franklin’s gravestone early last month. After decades of people throwing pennies on Ben Franklin’s gravestone, a large crack developed on the marble surface. The Christ Church Burial Ground, where the gravestone is housed, needed to raise $10,000 to repair the surface. They launched a GoFundMe campaign, and the community quickly raised over $13,000 for repairs.

Thanksgiving at Standing Rock

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Judy Wicks, founder of the White Dog Cafe in Philadelphia, spent her Thanksgiving in the North Dakota cold and helped feed people protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline. In a recent interview with the Philadelphia Inquirer, Wicks said, “We want it to be a day we truly give back to Native Americans, for the role they've played in our country, but also for the stand they're taking to defend Mother Earth.” In one month, over 280 people helped raise $15,000 for food and supplies.

Save the Frick Park Market!

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The Frick Park Market has been a part of the Pittsburgh community for over 75 years. Recently featured in Mac Miller’s song Frick Park Market, the grocery needed to replace the grill hood and ventilation system in order to remain open. Neighbor Chelsea Wagner set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise $15,000  because “the Market is the only food retailer within easy walking distance for many residents, and also serves as a community gathering spot and an amenity for all living in or traveling through the community.” In less than a month, over 240 people helped raise $15,025.

New Playground for Elroy Elementary

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Elroy Elementary School first grade teacher Amy Smith launched a GoFundMe campaign in October 2015 to replace her school’s playground. The current structure has cracks and graffiti, and Smith wanted to make sure her kids had a safe place to play. “I just really wanted to give back to the community,” Smith said recently. “The kids deserve playtime and we needed an updated playset to feed their imaginations.” The Elroy PTA, individuals, and local businesses all pitched in to help. Just last week she successfully raised over $34,000 and will be able to purchase a new playground for spring 2017.

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