Trending on GoFundMe: Hidden Figures Screenings for Girls, the “Gangsta Garden,” and More

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New Trend: Campaigns to Bring Students of Color to “Hidden Figures” Screenings

The new movie “Hidden Figures” is shining a light on the historic role black women played at NASA, and educators and parents are starting GoFundMes to bring young people to see this inspiring film. Campaigns are raising money in Florida, California, Michigan, Maryland, Georgia, and Minnesota—and we expect there will be more.

Los Angeles, CA

Ron Finley, also known as the “Gangsta Gardener” and recognized for his landmark 2013 TED talk, is fighting to save his project’s headquarters from eviction. Over $35,000 has been raised in less than a week so that Finley and his team can continue to spread their message that gardens are solutions to inner city health problems, gang violence, and poverty.

Houston, TX

On December 28, 2016, two American heroes lost their lives when their AH-64D Apache Helicopter crashed near Galveston Bay. Dustin Mortenson, 32, was one of the pilots on board. After this tragic accident, donations and condolences have poured in to help Dustin’s widow Ruth Mortenson and their two children.

New York City, NY

On January 16, 2017 (MLK Day), Alison Mariella Desir (and a small team) will begin a 240-mile run from Harlem to Washington DC in an effort to raise money and awareness for Planned Parenthood and the awesome power of women. After running roughly two NYC Marathons each day, they will arrive in DC on January 20th to join the Women’s March.

North Andover, MA

In the last six months, over $17k has been raised on GoFundMe to help 13-year-old Hunter Pietrowski’s fight against brain cancer. To boost Hunter’s spirits for his final round of chemotherapy, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski sent a special video.


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