Trending on GoFundMe: Grandmother Helps Homeless, Saving a Music Store, & Soccer Player Helps Childhood School

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Trend: Touring bands turn to GoFundMe after equipment stolen or damaged

Life can be hard on the road. It’s even harder when a band’s equipment—essential to their livelihood—is stolen or damaged. Several touring bands have turned to GoFundMe recently for help while on tour, including The Steady 45s, who raised $9k after a drunk driver hit their van, Guttermouth, who raised $9k after their van was robbed, and L.A. Witch, who raised $8k after their gear was stolen in England.

San Diego, California

Last week, Kelly Kaye Accettola got a phone call that she’d always hoped for but never expected: after seven years, her stolen dog was finally found. A kind woman had been caring for her dog Bemis since December and finally got in touch with Kelly, who is raising money for travel and vet costs.

Cleveland, Minnesota

Suzan writes in her campaign description: “Tied With Care would like to make warm fleece blankets and bring them to the homeless shelters in the Mankato area. Minnesota is frigidly cold in the winter. I am asking for your help to purchase the fabrics we will use to make the blankets.  Myself and my grandkids are excited to make blankets and donate to those in need.”

Chicago, Illinois

John Shaw, owner of The Music Store, has fallen on tough times, between rent, taxes, and his wife’s cancer. Campaign organizers Lee Klawans and Jennifer Buckley wanted to pay forward all they’ve received from Shaw’s store over the years, so they started this GoFundMe that’s raised $17k so far.

Northridge, California

Moved by his employee’s drive and ambition, Mike Villalobos started this GoFundMe to help Fareeha finish her college education and stay in the U.S. An immigrant from Pakistan, Fareeha is working toward her Master's Degree in Fashion Design and Merchandising. So far, her community has raised nearly $4k for her education.

New London, Connecticut

Ousmane Dieng is a student and varsity soccer player at Connecticut College, majoring in Computer Science. Over winter break, he visited his childhood school in Senegal and decided to make it his mission to repair and rebuild the school. In less than a month, he’s more than halfway toward his goal of $20k.


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