Trending on GoFundMe: School Lunch Debt, YouTube Stars for Special Olympics, and Women’s Day

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Five top YouTube stars will be part of the first-ever social fundraising collaboration with Special Olympics on the GoFundMe platform: Burnie Burns and Gavin Free of Rooster Teeth, Meredith Foster, Teala Dunn, and Matt Santoro. The YouTube stars, who have over 44.7 million subscribers among them, will create GoFundMes, sharing the personal stories of these remarkable athletes headed to Austria to help raise funds and awareness.

Trend: Communities fundraising on GoFundMe to relieve school lunch debt

Inspired by Ashley Ford’s tweets, a Today Show story, or their own experiences with reduced price school lunches, people across the country are raising money on GoFundMe to pay off student lunch debt. Some of the current GoFundMes for school lunch debt include ones in Houston, Texas; Edgewood, Maryland; Exeter, California; Redmond, Washington (a kid raising money for other kids); Charlotte, North Carolina; Galveston, Texas; and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Brooklyn, New York

Tai, 12, Rainn, 11, and Brooke, 9, are winning competitions and inspiring people across the country—despite not having a permanent place to call home. The Sheppard sisters continue to overcome the odds thanks to the generosity of donors and the perseverance of their mother, Tonia Hardy.

Henderson, Colorado

Last Friday, Corrina Vaden, Kym Butcher, Elizabeth Rotter were in a terrible car accident that took Corrina’s life and left Kym and Elizabeth with serious injuries. These three women are members of the Colorado Obstacle Racers team, and their community is coming together to support them and their families.

Portland, Oregon

A senior at Portland State University, Hannah Latimer-Snell will be traveling to India to collaborate with an Indian independent filmmaker to create a short documentary about workplace harassment against women in Chennai. So far, Hannah has raised more than $3k to make this empowering film a reality.

Irvington, New Jersey

As a young black woman raised in an urban community, Shannon Farrar is in her third year at Rutgers School of Law. In order to complete her dream of becoming a lawyer, she must prepare for and pass the New Jersey bar exam. There isn’t financial aid available for the exam or test preparation, so Shannon turned to GoFundMe. In a month, she was able to reach her goal.

Columbus, Indiana

Erin Bailey is a student at Columbus Signature Academy. When she noticed that her school doesn’t provide feminine products for free (girl have to ask the school nurse and pay a fee), she decided to do something about it. Erin has raised over $2k so far to help her fellow students avoid embarrassment and expense.


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