March Madness on GoFundMe: GoFundMe Releases New Basketball Data and Highlights Youth Sports Trend

Redwood City, California | March 13, 2017 — With $4 million raised to date, sports fans across the country are coming together on GoFundMe to support youth basketball. Whether it’s a filmmaker producing a movie to inspire young athletes, coaches raising money to get their team new uniforms, or people raising funds to give players the opportunity to participate in tournaments, folks are rallying around these young players in their communities.

While filling out March Madness brackets, consider supporting one of the youth basketball campaigns. In fact, GoFundMe has created a centralized location to make it easy for donors to find and support their local sports team or club. You can also create a GoFundMe for your favorite future basketball star here.

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SMCC Basketball Goes to Nationals

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"The men's and women's basketball team is going to the USCAA National Tournament.  We need to fundraise for transportation and food while we are there.  Both teams have seen tremendous success this season and SMCC is the only institution to send both teams to the national tournament!  We appreciate any support!"

2017 AAU Bball travel season

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"My name is Jahlil Owusu and I'm 8 years old and currently in the 3rd grade.I am an honor roll student and a member of the 9u riverside Hawks AAU basketball team based in NYC.As the AAU Bball season approaches we will travel to Portland, Texas, Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Florida this year.My parents can't afford all the travel,accommodation expenses so I'm raising money to help me travel and play the top teams in the nation.All donations will be for this and only this...any amount is greatly appreciated!Thank you so much.-Jahlil Owusu aka JahSwish"

B-Ball Uniforms for Newark's Youth

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"Here at Rafael Hernandez School our elementary boys and girls basketball teams are in desperate need of new uniforms. We are trying everything we can to give these children a chance to not only compete in athletics but to be able to do so while wearing quality uniforms.   Any donations would be greatly appreciated and would go a long way in making some positive memories for these deserving children. Thank you for all your support!"

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