Trending on GoFundMe: Supporting Female Marines, Ranchers in Texas, and a Popular One-Eyed Cat

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Valley Glen, California

As a child actor, Noah Hathaway starred in the classic children’s movie “The NeverEnding Story.” An accident involving a spooked horse during the filming of the movie left Hathaway with a lifetime of long-term health problems. A kind neighbor started this GoFundMe to help Hathaway with his bills from spinal fusion surgery and other costs of living.

New York City, New York

In response to the recent revelations that female marines were targeted online in male-only Facebook groups, Justine Elena started this GoFundMe to raise funds for Headstrong, an organization that provides mental health services for post-9/11 vets. Elena is a staffer for “The Daily Show” and a Captain in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves,  and she served in Afghanistan from 2010 to 2011.

Springtown, Texas

After the wildfires in the Texas panhandle that killed six people and left 5,000 cattle in need of hay and feed supplies, a fellow rancher named Ramey Keeth started this GoFundMe to provide relief. So far, more than $36k has been raised to help with cattle feeding needs, fencing materials, and labor costs.

Phoenix, Arizona

Sir Stuffington, a one-eyed rescue cat, has built a strong social media following on Facebook, where his 55,000 fans enjoy whimsical photos. Those fans rushed support to the cat’s owner when he needed expensive emergency veterinary care, and they donated over $7k to help with Sir Stuffington’s care and recovery.

Charlotte, North Carolina

After a video of a homeless man forced to do pushups for $20 went viral, Dhyani Niedelman started this GoFundMe to help Bill, the man in the video. Niedelman has rallied the Charlotte community to Bill’s cause, so far raising nearly $3k to get Bill back on his feet.

Baltimore, Maryland

From the campaign story: “My name is Mansoor Shams and I am a Muslim American US Marine Veteran. My plan is to bring fellow Americans together through conversation and dialogue. The goal is to visit as many states as possible with my, ‘I'm a Muslim and US Marine, ask anything!’ sign.  So far I've self funded everything because I truly believe in the mission. But I also realize we live in a pretty big country so in order for me to get around to as many states as possible I'll need the help of my many friends to support my mission of positivity.”


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