John F. Kennedy Library Launches GoFundMe to Preserve JFK’s Sailboat, the Victura

Redwood City, California | March 15, 2017 — Today, the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation in Boston launched a GoFundMe to preserve President Kennedy’s sailboat, the Victura. Eighty-five years after his family purchased the Victura, the Library Foundation is raising money to help preserve this piece of U.S. history.

"GoFundMe is thrilled to work with the John. F. Kennedy Library Foundation on this fundraising effort,” said GoFundMe CEO Rob Solomon. “This campaign will allow people from around the world to participate in preserving this unique piece of American history.”

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From the fundraiser:

Each year, the Victura needs preservation work to prevent deterioration from the elements. Since it is displayed outdoors in all weather throughout the summer and fall months, the Victura is vulnerable to the variable New England weather, from scorching sunlight to driving rain. Because of this, each year, a skilled team of conservators works to make sure that any damage is reversed before it can cause long-term harm to the boat.

On average, the Victura requires between 100 and 125 hours of preservation work each year. Such work can include everything from sanding and touching up paint to redoing the protective varnish coating. All to ensure that the Victura will remain in its current well-preserved state for years to come to be enjoyed by the thousands of Library visitors, young and old, who pass through our doors every year.

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