“Love Army For Somalia” Raises $2 Million for Famine Relief on GoFundMe From 70,000 Donors Around the World

REDWOOD CITY, CA | March 21, 2017 -- On Friday, March 18, Jérôme Jarre along with Ben Stiller, Juanpa Zurita, Chaka “Chakabars” Clarke, and Casey Neistat launched a GoFundMe to fill a Turkish Airlines flight to Somalia with food. In just a few days, they have raised over $2 million from more than 70,000 donors in 125 countries. In fact, 58,000 donations were $25 or less.

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As Jérôme Jarre said, “It was never about how much money someone has, or how famous, or where are they from. It was about PEOPLE WHO CARE UNITING That's why it worked.” This GoFundMe is powered by tens of thousands of individuals all around the world who want to help those in need:

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- we are learning from multiple experienced NGOs that sending tonnes of rice/flour/sugar/oil is not the best thing to do. It can crash the local market price and hurt the small businesses there. Plus babies are not able to eat rice.

- Instead of buying from Istanbul we will get small NGOs on the ground to buy food directly in Somalia. We will constantly be checking that everything we give to those NGOs is spent on food & water

- However, WE HAVE A FULL TURKISH AIRLINES CARGO FLIGHT TO FILL WITH FOOD !!! (woohoo!) So we've decided to use that space (60 Tonnes) to fly special food for malnourished babies. The name of the food is PLUMPY'NUT. You can google it and learn from it. We visited the Edesia factory yesterday in Rhode Island in NYC and were so impressed with their work. They are the perfect partners for us because they have the best food to save a kid from malnutrition. After 6 weeks with one plumpy'nut a day the kid is transformed and healthy again. A 6 weeks supply of plumpy'nut costs 50$.

- As of today water is still the largest issue and cause of disease in Somalia. We will allocate half of the fund into water. Some short term water solutions is buying water trucks on the ground (the cost is $250 for 2000 liters which provide water for 100 families for a day). We will get those trucks going while we work on longer term sustainable water solutions.

A big thank you from the heart to everyone that is believing in us and donated.

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What 60 Tonnes of Plumpy'nut look like!!

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Plumpy'Sup. 1 packet = 540Kcal

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