Trending on GoFundMe: Helping a Mom with Rare Cancer, a Science Fair Star, and Indonesian Sun Bears

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March GoFundMe Hero: Many know Officer Bobby White, aka “Basketball Cop,” from a viral video of White playing basketball with some kids after responding to a noise complaint. Inspired by this experience, White launched a GoFundMe to provide basketball hoops to other police departments to help build relationships between officers and their communities. Now Officer White is challenging 100 police officers around the country to become mentors in their communities. He’s also had a few friends (including Shaq) help spread the message. To learn more, visit:

New River, Arizona

Joey Hud, who received national attention for the iconic photo of his marshmallow cannon with President Obama, is now in need of support for mental health issues. His sister Elizabeth started this GoFundMe to help with the costs of treatment, and so far his community of people touched by his effort to further STEM education have raised $12k.

San Antonio, Texas

Artist Luis Munoz wants to create a permanent memorial for the slain Tejano singer, Selena. He writes, “This is a non-profit art project. Money raised will go directly to creating the memorial piece and to inspire the future generation of young artists and musicians. A portion of the proceeds will go directly back to children of San Antonio.”

Nyack, New York

A first responder during the 9/11 attacks, retired FDNY Lt. Joseph Stach has now been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. His son writes, “He spent the first 72 hours at ground zero after the attacks and went back more times than I can count afterwards... Ultimately it has led to him being diagnosed with cancer... I wanted to share his story so that more people would know my dad is a hero.”

Las Vegas, Nevada

Wife and mother Janell Lewis has an extremely rare tumor that only specialists at UCLA can treat, but her insurance won’t cover it. From campaign organizer Michelle Johnson: “My good friend Matt Lewis' wife Janell is literally fighting for her life.  She needs to be medevaced to an out of state hospital right away to be saved. The procedure she needs is mainstream there, but impossible in Nevada.  All her doctors agree. Various out of state hospitals with qualified care will take them if they pay cash.”

La Center, Washington

Rebecca Rodriguez is an animal advocate and filmmaker. She writes, “Like many, we have learned of the plight of the Sun Bears and several other zoo animals in Indonesia. I am assembling an intervention team of animal experts to fly to Indonesia to advocate on behalf of these animals with the government agencies and zoo owners.  We will be capturing video footage and working to identify ways to inspire accountability and positive change.”


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