GoFundMe: Canadian Organizers Launch Food Drives for Passover

Redwood City, California | Monday, April 10, 2017 —  Organizers in Canada are fundraising to make sure people in their communities have kosher food and supplies for Passover this year.  In Saskatoon, SK, organizers hope to provide food packages for 150 families, and in South Thornhill, ON, a local kosher meat supplier has agreed to match donations up to $2,000.

Saskatoon Passover Food Drive

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Description for Chabad of Saskatoon:

We provide Kosher for Passover food to members of the Jewish community with limited financial resources. The cost of Kosher for Passover food is prohibitive for many living in Saskatoon. The challenge is to meet the needs of the financially disadvantaged in our community. This may include someone who is: ill, senior, a newcomer to Saskatoon, recently divorced/widowed, unemployed – all with limited financial resources.

The funds raised by this project will support:

  • Shmurah Matzah and food package deliveries to 150 Saskatoon families
  • Heavily discounted public seders so that all can celebrate Passover in dignity
  • Passover visits to the hospitalized, elderly, ill, and infirm

Passover Drive - South Thornhill

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Description for the South Thornhill Drive:

Passover is just weeks away and we all know what that means, lots of cleaning... and lots of Kosher food shopping.

This fund has been set up to assist with providing Passover needs, to those who would otherwise have to celebrate the holiday of freedom, in a compromised manner.

Our goal is to raise $2000* which will be matched with equal funds by our friends at Magen Meats.

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