GoFundMe Easter: People Across US Start Fundraisers For Those in Need

Redwood City, California | Thursday, April 13, 2017 — People across the country are fundraising to make sure others in their communities can celebrate Easter this year. In California, organizers raised over $4,500 so 1,000 homeless children in their school district can have Easter baskets. In Florida, Randy Kane is fundraising to make sure a girls home can provide for its residents. And in Brooklyn, New York, Wendy Clark wants to make sure the 120 children at her local shelter have what they need.

Here’s a look at some of the ways people are helping each other this Easter on GoFundMe.

“Baskets of Love”

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Description from “Baskets of Love”:

"Baskets of Love," is a community project to send encouragement & love to our local homeless children to tell them that we care about them. Lucia Mar School District has a list of 1000 students in our school system that are homeless. We want to encourage these children to continue their education and make a better life for themselves. We have 75 high school students, 100 middle school students and 825 elementary students from kindergarten to sixth grade that are homeless in our area. This Easter please help me to put a smile on these children's faces with a note of encouragement and an Easter basket of goodies.

Brookwood Easter & Essentials

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Description from Brookwood Easter & Essentials:

The purpose of raising $2,500.00 (or more) my friends to raise funds for the Brookwood of Florida, which is a home for girls between the ages of 12-20.  The funds are being used for a number of the basic essentials. Brookwood need for the girls and administration costs as well as we're building up to 30 individualized Easter baskets for the girls with their needs & a special want, some of which never had their own waiting for them Easter morning.  

Easter Baskets for the Homeless

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Description from Easter Baskets for the Homeless:

It's almost Easter, time for Easter egg hunts and getting a basket filled with colored eggs, candy and toys. For the less fortunate, this often does not happen. But with our help, it can!

The homeless shelter we are giving to is in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. It is one that does not have any outreach, so we are it. There are 124 children and 10 infants in this shelter. We can purchase beautiful pre-made Easter baskets for 15-20 dollars each at Duane Reade and CVS, which are filled with candy and toys, wrapped in cellophane. And stuffed animals (bunnies) for the babies.

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