GoFundMe Earth Day: In the Last Two Years, Organizers Have Raised More Than $15 Million for 12,000 Environmental Causes

In anticipation of Earth Day on April 22, GoFundMe releases new data highlighting green campaigns

Redwood City, California | April 19, 2017 —  People across the globe have turned to GoFundMe to help environmental causes in their communities. Whether it’s purchasing trees for conservation in rural Mississippi, turning the family farm into a nature preserve in South America, helping the  Humane Society save abandoned chimpanzees in Liberia, or a snorkeling trip north of the Arctic circle, more than 12,000 organizers from 29 countries have raised more than $15 million for environmental stewardship over the past two years.

“GoFundMe is proud of what our community of more than 25 million has accomplished on behalf of the environment, and it’s always exciting to see the difference people can make when they get behind a cause,” said GoFundMe CEO Rob Solomon. “Today, anyone can make an impact by starting a GofundMe for an environmental cause right in their backyard or halfway around the world.”

Giving Statistics by Country

United States

- 9,500 campaigns

- $12.8 million raised

United Kingdom

- 1,500 campaigns

- $750,000 raised


- 760 campaigns

- $570,000 raised


- 620 Campaigns

- $580,000 raised

How to Give Back on Earth Day

Join the 12,000 people who have taken action in their community and set up a GoFundMe for a cause that’s important to you. Here are step-by-step instructions to empower individuals to raise funds for a charity.

Step-by-step instructions to raise funds for a charity.

  • Certified Charity campaigns can be created by anyone, whether you want to support your favorite charity or you are an employee of a nonprofit. A ‘Certified Charity’ badge will appear on the campaign to give your cause an extra layer of verification.
  • Donations made to charity campaigns are processed through the PayPal Giving Fund. The campaign organizer doesn’t have to touch the money at all, and donors will automatically receive a tax-deductible receipt.

GoFundMe Campaigns

Forest Friends of Chakchiuma Swamp

Grenada, MS

The Friends of CSNA is a grassroots organization functioning under the 501(3)c of the Grenada Community Foundation. Our mission is to assist the City of Grenada in the conservation and management of biodiversity with the vision of a nature park destination for our community to enjoy! The Friends of CSNA have proposed an alternative plan to the Grenada City Council, who at this time are considering the request instead of permitting an select timber harvest. If the city will accept our proposal, it would allow our community to keep our forested swamp and gain lots of new "Forest Friends".

Help Us Bring The Forest Back

Miami, FL and Caribbean region of Colombia

The ultimate goal of this project is to recover the dry tropical forest, which is one of the most threatened ecosystems in Colombia. In the Caribbean, where our farm is located, 90% of  the forest cover has already been destroyed and all that remains are small forest fragments that make them more vulnerable to disappearance. Since this is a task that we will not be able to do by ourselves, we need to create a model of sustainable land use that can be adopted by other cattle ranchers in the region. The immediate solution is to  create  connectivity corridors that allow the recovery of the ecosystem and biodiversity.

Save the Abandoned Chimps

Washington, DC

On March 5, 2015, more than 60 chimpanzees in Liberia, Africa were abandoned by the New York Blood Center (NYBC), left in serious danger of dehydration and starvation. Thanks to the generous donations of thousands of caring individuals, we have been able to not only create a more stable situation for the chimpanzees but make several major improvements in their care. The chimpanzees are now receiving a highly nutritious and diverse diet every day and are ensured fresh clean water. In addition, we have been able to implement a birth control program to prevent additional pregnancies. One of the most significant improvements made possible by your support has been the development of a paid team of individuals responsible for the daily operations of our work in Liberia.

Sedna Epic Expedition

Alpena, MI

This summer, with your help, I will join the Sedna Epic Expedition , an all-female team of scientists, explorers, educators, and artists. Our mission? To bring worldwide attention to disappearing sea ice by snorkeling the Arctic’s 3,000 km Northwest Passage... a feat never attempted before. Throughout our journey from Pond Inlet, Nunavut, to Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, Team Sedna will engage Inuit communities in cross-cultural dialogue and educational programs aimed to exchange knowledge and inspire conservation and awareness for the Arctic’s diverse ecosystem. Locals will also have a platform to share valuable knowledge and voice their views on Arctic change--not only to expedition members but also to people across the globe via Team Sedna’s social networks and media coverage.

Fore the Ocean

Carmel, CA

In 2009, CNN and The New York Times reported that 300 million golf balls are lost every year in the United States.  How many of those end up in the oceans? Nobody knows.This summer, while free-diving, we discovered thousands of golf balls below the surface, rolling around, breaking apart and polluting the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Over the last 6 months, we have removed over 4,000 golf balls from the ocean floor of just one small cove in Carmel Bay below Pebble Beach Golf Course. This equates to 400 pounds of plastic, or 72 entire square feet of plastic seafloor, now removed.

X-ray for Belize Wildlife Clinic

Tucson, AZ

BWRC supports wildlife conservation in Belize with free rescue, medical care in the field and at our hospital, rehabilitation for imperilled wildlife, as well as training and education. Most of BWRC's patients are trauma cases, many victims of human wildlife conflict and the x-ray is our most important piece of equipment. Please check out our website www.belizewildlifeclinic.org for more information on the Belize Wildlife & Referral Clinic - BWRC, watch the video below which was made last year introducing our mission, vision and activities.

Conservation land for Tigers in Kansas

Louisburg, KS

Cedar Cove is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Conservatory and Education Center located just South of Kansas City in Louisburg, Kansas. The park was open to the public in 2000 by William Pottorff with the goal of preserving endangered species from extinction while educating about the impending threats humans pose in the forms of illegal poaching and trade, environmental impact and the wholesale destruction of habitats and ecosystems for commercial trade.

Wounded Warriors for Wildlife

Washington, DC

In October 2017, I will lead a team of six combat-wounded military veterans to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa, then interact with and provide tactical training to African Wildlife Rangers conducting anti-poaching patrols.

Gen V Cares Malake Island Relief

Stamford, CT

In May 2014, Viridian Energy traveled to Malake Island in Fiji for our fourth 7 Continent in 7 Years initiative. Working with Conservation International, the world's largest conservation organization, we planted 4,000 trees; installed solar power and gifted a energy-efficient freezer to preserve their catch; and even planted a small grove of pineapples. We built friendships and memories to last a lifetime.

SELT Polar Bear Plunge  

Brentwood, NH

We, the Staff members of SELT - Southeast Land Trust of NH , are going to brave the icy Atlantic waters on November 29th 2016 (#GivingTuesday ) to raise money for SELT's land conservation, stewardship, and outreach programs!  With the support of our donors and partners, SELT is saving the outdoors for all to experience in southeastern New Hampshire.  We are coming together as a team to make sure SELT can keep doing this great work for our region.  

Ayudanos a ir a San Luis, USA

Bilbao, Spain

We are Faunity, a group of Bilbao students who are struggling to achieve a dream: to win the world stage of the First Lego League championship.  Our project is based on the implementation of new biodegradable plastic bags that, through nanotechnology, get dissolved in the water without leaving residue.  More than one million birds die each year on the shores of our planet, according to Science magazine, by ingestion of plastic. This plastic is, of course, all that humans put into the water, and when it comes in contact with it, it absorbs a substance known as DMS (Dimethylsulfide), produced by decomposing seaweeds. Many species of seabirds use this substance to find food, so they confuse plastic with food.

Building World Heritage Watch

Sandy Bay, Australia

We are working on an exciting new initiative World Heritage Watch set up in 2015  by a highly respected group of international experts in order to:1. support local communities safeguarding threatened World Heritage sites; 2. inform and lobby UNESCO and relevant governments of critical issues and 3. raise public awareness of the threats to natural & cultural World Heritage properties.

Improvements to the Crystal Caves

Aurora, CO

Brian Kakuk is the founder and director of the Bahamas Caves Research Foundation . He also operates Bahamas Underground, located in Marsh Harbor, Abaco, Bahamas. The Bahamas Underground is the only technical and cave diving oriented training and adventure facility in the Bahamas! Through years of dedicated hard work, exploration, and difficult politics, he has made the most beautiful of the Bahamas hidden treasures available for exploration to experienced divers from all across the world. He has never stopped fighting for conservation, while he also contributes everything he can to support scientists who wish to study these uniquely diverse ecosystems.

Gift & Thrift Goes Solar

Harrisonburg, VA

On Nov. 5, over thirty volunteers installed 160 solar panels on the Gift & Thrift warehouse roof in one morning! But we don't want to stop there. Please help us rearch our $40,000 goal to finance the remaining 120 panels.  When complete, the 107 kilowatt system will be the largest in Harrisonburg. It will provide 46% of our electrical need, allowing us to donate $14,000 more each year to the international relief and development work of MCC . We're raising funds through the end of 2016, with another "solar barn-raising" to happen next spring atop the new annex and  Artisan's Hope building.  Learn more here.

Help buy & protect Back Shore Land!

Gloucester, MA

Save Our Shores Gloucester is a group of concerned citizens working to preserve Gloucester's undeveloped shoreline, and to protect natural habitats and wildlife for the benefit of all forever. Gloucester's historic Back Shore is under threat from a proposed subdivision, which would construct four houses on the rocks, on the ocean side of 166-178 Atlantic Road.

Rescue/Rehab for local wildlife

Charlestown, IN

Wildlife in Need is a 501c3 non-profit located in Charlestown IN dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and release of indigenous wildlife and a safe harbor to an array of exotic and endangered species.  We pride ourselves on the education of our patrons and community about the species for which we provide refuge. As a non-profit organization, we are funded solely by the public.

Sustainable fish harvesting

St. John’s, NL

There’s an electricity today in Newfoundland and Labrador, a stirring on the wharves and stages, in the coves and harbours that hasn’t been felt in decades. Fish harvesters are rising in frustration, mounting a last stand for a fishing industry that has been brutalized by failed management and poor leadership. FISH-NL, or Federation of Independent Sea Harvesters of Newfoundland and Labrador, is a new group dedicated to representing the best interests of the province’s inshore fish harvesters. The current union has lost its way, and if harvesters don’t take a stand now (when the average age is near 60) they never will, because there’s no generation coming behind them. The “salt and pepper” revolution is a fight for NL’s most endangered species — fishermen and fisherwomen.

Protect the Future of Wolf Puppies

Julian, CA

We are over the moon excited to announce that Joy (F1227) and M1139 have had puppies! A litter of seven healthy puppies - four males and three females!With less than 400 Mexican gray wolves in the world, having this litter born at our center is truly a special occasion. Our involvement in the Mexican Wolf Species Survival Plan captive breeding program is just one way the California Wolf Center is helping to prevent Mexican gray wolves from becoming extinct.

Help us Save 150 Kangaroos

Bathurst, NSW

A team of NGOs and volunteers under the coordination of scientist Ray Mjadwesch and with the support of The Bathurst Kangaroo Project is preparing to tranquilise and move the kangaroos to a safe release site in the largest licensed relocation effort in New South Wales EVER.This massive volunteer effort will provide a solution for Bathurst Council and the kangaroos, and will also establish a groundbreaking conservation model for communities around Australia to use in the future.

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