CrowdRise Announces $300,000 Earth Day Roadmap Climate Challenge

Climate and environmental non-profits can win grants of up to $100,000 in new competition

DETROIT, MI -- Today, CrowdRise launched the $300,000 Earth Day Roadmap Climate Challenge, a new fundraising competition for climate, conservation, energy, environmental and related non-profit organizations to compete for donations ranging from $10,000 to $100,000.

The $300,000 Earth Day Roadmap Challenge is designed to mobilize and democratize climate action and engage donors to support their favorite environmental organizations. This new challenge will help environmental organizations immediately connect with donors across the nation and around the world who want to take action on climate change. With just a few clicks, any qualifying organization can begin raising money from anyone around the world.

The Challenge is inspired by The Roadmap, a democratized model for climate action, created in 2016 to connect citizens everywhere and mobilize a global community of Doers. The Challenge is designed to empower organizations whose missions align with the values of The Roadmap.

"Our goal in creating this Challenge was to lift up the doers, and provide a platform around Earth Day to support them in the work they're doing to tackle climate change on our collective behalf. The Roadmap is all about banding together to create a new model that empowers anyone to become an agent of change," said CrowdRise Co-Founder and actor and activist Edward Norton. "We hope that every organization committed to the ideals laid out in The Roadmap will join us. There may not have been a more important moment in my lifetime than this one to come together to support organizations and citizens accelerating action on climate change."

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CrowdRise enables any organization to immediately create a campaign and engage donors to become fundraisers. In addition to the money they raise, organizations will be eligible to receive a donation up to $100,000. The five organizations that raise the most money during the competition will receive grand prizes ranging from $10,000 to $100,000, and every week of the four week Challenge, there will be new opportunities for organizations to win additional prizes through mini Bonus Challenges.

CrowdRise Challenges are powerful fundraising campaigns for organizations of all shapes and sizes, and make it easy for participants to turn donors into fundraisers, creating a natural network effect to raise more funds and build their support base. Environmental organizations have a proven track record of successfully fundraising on CrowdRise. In fact, in 2016 alone, over $4 million has been raised for organizations working to combat climate change and other environmental causes.

Here’s how to enter the Earth Day Roadmap Climate Challenge:

1. The Challenge starts April 20th and is open to all US-based 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(3) fiscally sponsored environmental, climate, conservation and related organizations with annual revenue of $10M and under whose mission and activities are aligned with the values outlined in The Roadmap.

2. Apply before April 28 at 5pm ET here:

3. Promote your CrowdRise campaign beginning April 20th through Thursday, May 18th at 1:59pm ET.

This challenge is designed to help organizations dedicated to climate, conservation, environmental and related non-profit organizations engage millions of donors who want to take action on climate change.

$300,000 in Total Prize Money

-- 1st: $100,000

-- 2nd: $75,000

-- 3rd: $50,000

-- 4th: $25,000

-- 5th: $10,000

**Weekly Bonus Challenges - $40,000


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