Over 850 Campaigns on GoFundMe Raise More Than $500,000 for Animals and Shelters

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. | August 16, 2017 —  Communities across the country have come together to help support Clear the Shelters Day, a nationwide movement to encourage pet adoption that takes place on August 19. This year alone, over 850 campaigns have raised more than $500,000 to help shelters and animals in their time of need. To start a GoFundMe for your favorite animal shelter, click here.

Clear The H*ckin Shelters by We Rate Dogs

Charleston, WV

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Campaign Description: On August 19th, hundreds of shelters across the nation will host adoption drives to help animals find the loving homes they deserve. Here at WeRateDogs, we are very aware of our influence and will be taking full advantage of this wonderful day. This campaign will go live on August 14th, giving us almost an entire week to hit our $10,000 goal.

That money will be split evenly between The Shelter Pet Project, which you can learn more about here, and One Tail at a Time, a Chicago-based rescue that we have a pawesome history with.

Almost Home Animal Rescue in danger

Medford, NY

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Campaign Description:

Almost Home Animal Rescue is in dire need of donations. We have lost our lease and have less than two months to secure another building!  Without a facility, our rescue will be unable to survive and countless animals in our community  will go without medical treatment, food and rescue. Our monthly expenses have increased, and our donations have decreased, vet expenses range from 6 to $8,000 per month, which we play on time religiously. Our vet does amazing work for us, he treats all the animals we take in with broken bones, heartworm, mange, parvo, hit by car, and all different types of surgeries. He never turns one of us away . our rent is $1,500 a month, which will be increasing due to our losing our facility. Our community outreach program, training wheels, provides food Medical Care to hundreds of families on Long Island. Almost on a daily basis we are out there picking up animals to be spayed and neutered by people who can't afford it, provide medical care, food. These are all animals that would wind up in local Town shelters and most likely be euthanized due to their overpopulation. These are just a few of the things almost home does on a daily basis. We are desperate for your help.

DIMC 5-year Anniversary Campaign

Jackson, WY

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Campaign Description:

Dog Is My CoPilot (DIMC) saves the lives of thousands of shelter animals and maximizes the likelihood that they will be adopted by flying them from areas with overcrowded animal shelters, where they face euthanasia, to locations with animal rescue organizations that have space and where the likelihood of adoption are greater. We work with municipal animal shelters and nonprofit animal rescue organizations to coordinate flights and we never charge for our transport services.

To help celebrate our five-year anniversary, we have a $50,000 fundraising goal, which will be met when we reach our GoFundMe goal of $25,000 because some of our supporters have already committed a dollar-for-dollar match, meaning that for every dollar you pledge, there is actually two dollars pledged.

For more info about DIMC please visit:  www.dogcopilot.org

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