GoFundMe: Over $200,000 Raised to Help Victims of Western US Wildfires

Redwood City, CA | September 14, 2017 — Western states have been hit by devastating wildfires, and across the country people have come together on GoFundMe to raise more than $200,000 to support those impacted in Oregon, Washington, Montana, and California.

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Below you can find the top GoFundMes in the states affected by the wildfires.

Oregon: Thank You Gorge Fire Crews

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Campaign Description:  "How can we help?" This question has been on many people’s minds since Sept  2nd, when a wildfire started along the Eagle Creek Trail one mile from Cascade Locks, Oregon in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. Currently, the fire has spread to 33,000+ acres and has jumped across the Columbia River into Washington state. As of today, there are over 900 first responder personnel working on this fire from across the Pacific Northwest. We are so grateful.

Our local volunteer firefighter groups have been on the front lines from day one. These groups were the first to respond by providing wildland and structural fire support to our vulnerable communities. We invite you to join us and honor our Gorge first responders for their tireless efforts protecting our home with a donation to their respective fire departments. Your $20,000 gift will be split amongst our Gorge heroes:

- Cascade Locks OR Fire & EMS- North Bonneville WA Fire Department- Stevenson WA - Skamania County Fire District #2 - Carson WA- Skamania County Fire District #1- Washougal WA - Skamania County Fire District #4- Skamania WA - Skamania County Fire District #5

As residents and business owners in Cascade Locks, we have experienced the reality of a raging wildfire first-hand. Hundreds of families and businesses received mandatory evacuation notices at dawn on Sunday 9/3. Many more were notified that they may have to leave at a moment's notice. It is terrifying to leave your home, neighbors, friends and business behind and be forced to wait, but our hearts are comforted knowing that our first responders are here to provide support to our community.

Washington: Crystal Mountain & Greenwater Fires

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Campaign Description: As many of you are aware, the Crystal Mountain Ski Resort was threatened by a wildfire on Monday, September 4th.  The Norse Peak Fire started on August 11th by lightning and has been burning in the Norse Peak Wilderness area.  It wasn’t until the wind changed direction that the fire became a concern to Crystal Mountain and the White River Valley.  The fire jumped over the ridge Monday night and the evacuation status went from a level 1 to a level 3 within minutes.  Guests and employees of the resort were safely evacuated and volunteers from the Crystal Mountain and Greenwater Fire Departments sprung into action to defend structures around the area.  For the first 48 hours these volunteers worked around the clock with very little assistance from other agencies.  As you can imagine with all of the fires taking place in the Northwest, personnel and resources are spread thin. When the fire came close to the road, they had to retreat. They returned at the first opportunity they had to continue protecting the area.  Fires continue to burn in the Bullion Basin area at Crystal and above the cabins in Silver Springs, Alta Crystal Resort and the Dalles.  Another fire called the Sawmill Creek Fire is also burning north of Greenwater.  

This has been a very stressful, terrifying and difficult time for the Crystal Mountain and Greenwater community.  Volunteers from the local fire departments have worked tirelessly and we’d like your helping giving back.  Your donation will go towards supplies, training and other critical resources.  For those who live in the community, another way to help is by becoming a volunteer.  It’s times like these when you realize how big a difference each and every volunteer makes in these efforts, whether it’s fighting fires or responding to other emergencies.  The fires continue to burn and it will take weeks if not months of ongoing efforts to fight and monitor them.  We are very appreciative of all the water, snacks, baked good and meals that have been donated over the past few days.  We’ve actually run out of storage so for now we’re asking that you redirect your generosity towards monetary contributions to assist the Greenwater and Crystal Mountain Firefighters Association.  On behalf of the Fire Chief, Paul Sowers, we thank you.  This will not only help aid in efforts now but will also make both associations stronger in the futher.  

The Firefighters Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and donations are tax-deductible.

If you're wondering who I am, I grew up in Greenwater and have been working at Crystal Mountain since 2001.  This hits close to home personally and professionally.  Our community and the beautiful mountains we live, work and play in are very important me. Thank you for your support!

Montana: West Kootenai, MT fire relief fund

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Campaign Description: We are raising money for our friends in Northwest Montana who lost property, homes and livestock in the Caribou Creek fire. The winds are high and more property is at risk. There is no end in sight. The locals are devastated. Some locals are buying their own tankers to protect themselves and their property. The local firefighters and forest service are doing the best they can but are under manned and don't have enough resources. Please consider helping our little community rebuild.

California: Blue Bus Farms Fundraiser


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Campaign Description: The recent 14,000-acre Helena fire in Trinity County had a devastating impact on the property of our friends and family at Blue Bus Farms. The crew of Jeremy, Bobby, Indiana and Seline are all thankfully safe and sound, but are in need of our amazing community to come together and help support them in dealing with this tragedy. The fire that destroyed over 75 homes quickly made its way across the Trinity River, burning down both living structures, the garage, and major zones of the medicine and vegetable gardens.

It is extremely difficult to put a dollar amount on the home lost, the countless irreplaceable personal items destroyed and the years of hard work it took to transform the property into a diverse permaculture community.

Our goal with this fundraiser is to raise funds for emergency supplies, materials to rebuild, and to support our family in the recovery process. We have come together before in our beautiful community to support loved ones in need, and are now calling on you to help us do so again in the wake of this unfortunate tragedy.

You can help in a number of ways, either through direct donation of funding or materials, or through GoFundMe. Your tax-deductible donations will be put toward supplies for rebuilding, food, water, and living supplies for the crew that will hopefully return to the property soon. All Go FundMe donations will become immediately accessible to the Blue Bus Family and supplies will be delivered as quickly as possible. Supplies include: Food, Water, Camping supplies, Gas and Gas Containers.

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