GoFundMe Studios’ Releases Original Production, Bernie’s Song

Film Follows Journey of a Father Diagnosed with ALS and His Dream to Record an Album to Leave Behind for his Daughter

Redwood City, California | January 17, 2018 — GoFundMe Studios releases its first film of 2018 with the touching story of Bernie Dalton, a Bay Area father who lets nothing—including a diagnosis of ALS—stand in the way of his lifelong dream of recording an album for his daughter, Nicole. The film follows Bernie’s journey to make his dream a reality, as well as  the people and community who made it possible. It also documents his daily struggles with the debilitating disease and his daughter’s wish to bring him home for his final days.

Less than two years ago, Bernie spent his free time surfing, cleaning pools and finally pursuing his lifelong dream of singing. Two months into meeting with a voice coach, he mysteriously lost his voice. He was diagnosed with bulbar-onset amyotrophic lateral sclerosis—an aggressive form of ALS that first affects the voice and throat before quickly progressing down the body.

But Bernie wouldn’t give up, and now his dream to make an album became even more pressing: he wanted his daughter to always know how much he loved her. Moved by his determination, his voice coach, Essence, rallied together members of the music community to offer up their services for free, but they still needed a studio. That’s when she decided to start a GoFundMe.

After their successful GoFundMe, which raised more than $17,000 in just a few months, the team was able to make Bernie’s dream a reality.

“I would think most people would get a terminal diagnosis and be completely weighed down by the sadness,” says Essence, “but he has told me so many times that he has met the best friends of his life after he was diagnosed with ALS, making this record.”

Now Essence and Nicole are turning to the community for one last wish: they’ve started a GoFundMe to bring Bernie home to live out his last few months in comfort with his daughter.

Moved by Bernie's story and his wish to be at home with his daughter, Home Care Assistance, a national home care provider headquartered in the Bay Area, donated $5,000 worth of care services to help Bernie remain at home during his final days.

To read more about Bernie’s story: https://medium.com/@gofundme/ac578c8f1a31

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